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Butch Watterson

Real Estate Advisor

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Butch Watterson’S PROFILE

“”We cannot say thank you enough. You are the most patient kind person we know and I am so glad that we have met you! Your perseverance helped us get into a home!!! We really appreciate you sticking with us. You are an absolute jewel and we are lucky to have met you!””
Eddie and Doni Carder

“”Dear Butch, Outstanding job! Your preparation, presentation and perpetuation of all required and requested issues, made this sale and move pretty much seamless. Your anticipation, intervention and follow-up were much appreciated. I value your timely response when questions, concerns, or potential problems surfaced.
Knowing that you were available and would provide timely responses encouraged a healthy and productive working relationship.
Bringing the TEAM into the house initially, to meet , greet and become familiar with the property and the applicable specifications, was respected and it presented all in a most professional manner. We were definitely impressed with each members technical knowledge, attitude and demeanor, and their interaction and personalities ere above reproach.
Would I use you again; would I recommend you and your TEAM – Absolutely! Everything went by the book. Your leadership, technical skills and ability to keep things on track, as well as intervening with Cindy Morgan and Spark Energy, made this a painless and outwardly stress less real estate action. If we can be of any further assistance or support, please don’t hesitate to call.””
Thomas N. Clarke
Elizabeth K. Clarke



What was your childhood Nickname?


I am....

a Christian, a husband, a father, a grandfather.

Proudest Moment:

When I baptized my son and daughter

Biggest Challenge:

Keeping up with the competition

Favorite Fort Bend neighborhood and why:

Greatwood, I live there

What does KW mean to you and your business?

Christian based business

I am on a KW Southwest team named:

The Butch Watterson Team

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