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Robbie Jansky

Realtor, Property Manager and Investor

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Robbie Jansky’S PROFILE

Born and raised in rural south Texas, Robbie spent much of his youth riding along with dad on all types of heavy equipment and big trucks, playing in mountains of dirt and rock. While other kids were playing with their plastic Tonka trucks and dozers, Robbie was helping dad fix and operate the real ones. Jobsites and construction zones were his playground.

Marriage and life moved Robbie from the small town to the big city, where he has been active in residential and commercial real estate for more than 7 years. As a 3rd generation real estate developer and construction operations manager, the effectiveness in making real estate work for you and accomplish what you need it to comes to the forefront. Robbie also owns and actively manages multiple types of income producing properties across the state of Texas.

Guiding buyers, sellers and investors in real estate endeavors continues to be the key in his successful strategy of helping others achieve so that a win-win outcome always comes first.

In his spare time he enjoys seeing the rest of the world with his wife, with aspirations to visit as many countries as possible while learning a little of each culture.

“Wealth is measured in minutes and not dollars, so make every moment count!”



What was your childhood Nickname?

Little Red

I am....

a student of life

Proudest Moment:

My wife agreeing to a lifelong journey together

Biggest Challenge:

overcoming self-imposed ceilings

Favorite Fort Bend neighborhood and why:

The beautiful tree lined streets and history of Old Sugar Land

What does KW mean to you and your business?

KW enables me to grow in prominence and wisdom through the opportunity of serving others.

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