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03 April, 2020

The KW Southwest Experience highlights agents embracing the Keller Williams philosophy by serving their clients and charitable organizations “giving where we live.” KWSW is home to more than 500 agents who embrace this philosophy. Upclose Magazine and KWSW will be featuring a different client and charity each month presented by one of KW Southwest’s agents.

Presenting agents so far in 2020

Mona Parikh – February

Elaine Hattan – March

C.W. Ross – April


About Upclose Magazine
UpClose Magazine is a magazine about area businesses, designed to give the reader an UpClose look at the people who run and operate these retail and service outlets. We know that people prefer to do business with people, not businesses. With UpClose Magazine, the reader gets a chance to meet those people and learn more about them and their business, allowing them to make educated choices about where they purchase their goods and services. The magazine reaches 75,000 Of the most affluent households in Fort Bend County every single month!


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