LaDonna Parker: Making a Difference in Under-Served Communities

16 July, 2017

The tradition of giving back at KW Southwest continues and LaDonna Parker is the latest broker to shine in her level of community involvement. LaDonna came to the Houston area from St. Louis, where she served on the Affordable Housing Commission. She’s been passionate about real estate for 30 years, and with KW Southwest for the past five. She serves on the Board of the Houston Black Real Estate Association and at KW Southwest, is active on the ALC (Agent Leadership Council), mentors new and seasoned agents, and is part of the Master Faculty, teaching negotiating skills.ladonna

Her latest project is a big one:  Assisting NAREB (National Association of Real Estate Brokers) reach their national goal of 2 million new Black homeowners in the next 5 years. It’s called the 2Mn5 Program. For the Houston area, that means 4,500 new Black homeowners per year over the next 5 years. She says, “It’s ambitious, but it’s doable.” NAREB plans to achieve this goal by engaging with brokers and communities through advocacy, activism and action. As LaDonna states, “This is a very inclusive project. We can’t do it alone; we need everybody.”

It may seem a daunting task, but it speaks to LaDonna’s personality. “I don’t do anything halfway. I’m fully engaged. As someone who has always been an advocate for home ownership in under-served communities, I have fought at so many levels just to get people…into home ownership, which is the basis of wealth building”. 

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